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San Diego has some of the best weather in California and the United States, so it is no wonder many individuals ride motorcycles throughout San Diego County. Unfortunately, accidents often occur between motorcyclists and other motor vehicles. San Diego area motorcycle accidents tend to be severe and cause serious injuries and even death. Our San Diego motorcycle accident lawyers are dedicated to helping individuals impacted by serious motorcycle accidents. We have the experience and dedication to fight for our clients and ensure their legal rights are protected!

We will not settle a case for a “low ball” offer, we will fight to recover the full compensation our clients are entitled to according to current California personal injury laws.Drivers and motorcycle riders need to know what’s happening on the roads in California. Trends in motorcycle accident rates and the laws reflect the risks of taking to the road. A San Diego motorcycle accident attorney wants you to know about these things.

We’ve mentioned a few things below that tend to lead to San Diego area motorcycle accidents. If you or someone you know has been injured in a motorcycle accident please contact our law firm today for a FREE no-obligation legal consultation. Please call 858.800.4235!

Motorcycle Lane Splitting:

Lane splitting, riding down the dividing line between cars or next to them is legal in California. A 2015 effort to outlaw the practice failed. California is the only state in the country that currently allows this common practice. The practice might well be legal because sitting in traffic is dangerous. That was the argument in favor of allowing lane splitting. However, lane splitting on a busy road exposes you to the risk of being hit by a careless driver who decides to change lanes without looking.

The Hazards of Being a Motorcycle Rider:

Several factors make it tough to be a motorcycle rider. Drivers often change lanes without signaling or without looking. Distracted driving continues to be a regular issue too. Careful drivers can still cause serious accidents without meaning to do so.

Poor visibility is always a bigger hazard for motorcycle riders than it is for drivers in cars and trucks. Large vehicles can block a motorcycle from the view of other drivers, where a small car or SUV would still be obvious. This fact undoubtedly leads to many accidents. Of course, a rain-slick road is riskier for a motorcycle rider than for a driver.

In spite of those issues, there is no excuse for reckless or inattentive drivers to cause accidents. Collisions between cars and motorcycles almost always turn out much worse for the rider than for the driver, so drivers really should pay extra attention. Riders too need to always be aware of how vulnerable they are and how they can be harder to see than a car. Motorcycle accident statistics indicate those lessons are not being heeded as widely as they could be.

Motorcycle Accidents Trending in the Wrong Direction:

Motorcycle accidents are on the rise in California, as are fatalities. The National Highway Traffic Safety Administration reported 519 fatal motorcycle accidents in 2014, marking a steady increase from the 2010 low of 352. There have been thousands of nonfatal accidents in the same time frame. Those accidents are due to rider mistakes and many circumstances beyond the rider’s immediate control.

If you were injured in an accident due to someone else’s negligence, you need to discuss the case with an experienced personal injury attorney. Call Yasmine Djawadian today.

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