Personal Injury Settlements


Below are a few examples of recent settlements we’ve negotiated for our clients.  We fight to recover the full amount of compensation that our clients are entitled to according to current California personal injury laws.

$3,000,000 Truck v. SUV

Trucking Accident | Comatose – Brain Injury
Our client’s vehicle malfunctioned and was stranded on the shoulder of the freeway. Tractor truck with a trailer attached veered into the shoulder and struck our client’s SUV causing multiple fractures and head trauma.

$2,200,000 Workplace Accident

Construction Site Accident | Permanent Disfigurement
Our client fell from a scaffolding while painting a house due to the wheel mechanism on the scaffolding malfunctioning causing the fall. Our client required back surgery.

$1,000,000 Pedestrian Accident

Automobile Accident | Pedestrian Facial Injury
Our client was lawfully crossing the street on her morning jog when the adverse party ran a red light and struck our client causing major facial degloving and lacerations.

$800,000 Negligence

Medical Center | Sexual Abuse
Our client was a patient at a mental health facility. She was raped by another patient who had a known history of sexual violence.

$350,000 Auto v. Auto

Vehicle Ran Light | Fractured Pelvis
Our client making a lawful left turn when the adverse party ran a red light and T-Boned her vehicle. Our client suffered fractures to the pelvic region.

$250,000 Motorcycle v. Auto

Motorcycle Accident
Collisions occurred when the driver of a sedan violated the right-of-way of our client, who was riding a motorcycle. The sedan and motorcycle collided and our client sustained serious injuries to his legs.

$250,000 Auto v. Auto

Unlawful Left Turn | Spinal Cord Injury
Our client proceeding straight on the road while adverse party made a left turn on an unprotected light causing a head-on collision. Client rushed to the hospital, suffered a herniated disc and later received a series of three epidural injections.

$180,000 Slip and Fall

Slip & Fall on Cruise Ship | Torn Rotator Cuff
Our client slipped and fell in a souvenir shop while on a luxury cruise in Mexico. Suffered a torn rotator cuff.

$100,000 Auto v. Auto

Auto Rear-End Collision | 5mm Disc Bulge
Our client was rear-ended by another vehicle, but he did not go to the hospital immediately. It was later discovered that he suffered a 5mm disc bulge and required extensive treatment.

$100,000 Pedestrian Accident

Pedestrian Accident | Head Injuries and Abrasions
Our client was nearly entering his car when another car swerved directly into the left side of his body. Our client suffered serious head injuries and abrasions.

$100,000 Motorcycle v. Truck

Motorcycle Accident | Displaced Fracture
Our client was stopped at a red light on his motorcycle when a truck struck him from the rear, throwing him into the intersection. The driver of the truck had fallen asleep while driving. Our client suffered major injuries to his knees and his back.

$100,000 Auto v. Auto

Rear-End Collision
Our client was rear-ended at a red light by another vehicle that was traveling over 40 mph. The impact caused significant injuries to our client who was transported to the hospital.

$70,000 Premises Liability

Slip and Fall | Knee Injuries
Our client slipped and fell on clear liquid after employees stocked frozen goods and left traces of liquid on the ground. Client suffered major knee injuries.

$65,000 Negligence

Negligent Security | Assault
Our client was assaulted by another customer in a restaurant. The ownership of the restaurant did not take proper security and safety measures.

$50,000 Auto v. Truck

Rear-End Collision | Herniated Disc
Our client was rear-ended by a truck. The impact was so forceful that her vehicle was pushed into a collision with the vehicle in front. Our client suffered from a herniated disc with Spondylolisthesis.

$25,000 Auto v. Auto

T-Bone Accident | Severe Neck Pain
Our client’s vehicle was struck when another driver T-boned her in a major intersection. The other driver caused the collision by entering the intersection on a red light. Our client suffered cervical neck pain.

$25,000 Auto v. Auto

Sideswiped by Driver Texting
Sideswiped by another vehicle on the 5 freeway while other the driver was texting. Our client treated with a chiropractor and pain management specialist for months and received an adequate and reasonable settlement.

$15,000 Hit-and-Run Accident

Injury Hit-and-Run Collision
Our client was hit by a drunk driver late at night. The drunk driver fled the scene but was later found. Our client sought medical attention following the motor vehicle collision.

  • Amounts reflect collective experience during practice.